Ohio Children's Alliance

Lend Your Voice to Support our Behavioral Health Workforce in the State FY24-25 Budget!

Ask Your State Senator to Increase Medicaid Rates for BH Providers and Protect the Student Wellness and Success Fund

Help us Improve Child and Family Mental Health in Ohio HB 33

Your advocacy is needed to increase Medicaid rates for behavioral health providers and protect the Student Wellness and Success Fund in Ohio House Bill (HB) 33, the SFY 24-25 state budget bill.

As you know, this legislation, which has passed the House and is being deliberated in the Senate, contains funding that would enable ODM to increase all behavioral health rates by 10%. While this is historic and an important step forward, we and our partners are championing an amendment to HB 33 that would change the funding increase to 20%.

This bill also continues Student Wellness and Success program funding and ensures increased transparency & partnership with parents and providers. We want to ensure that the SWSF continues to be funded and that the spending guardrails remain in place.

As we move forward, we need your voice to be heard!

Please consider taking a few minutes to reach out to your Senator and request that child and family mental health continues to be prioritized  and built on in the Senate HB 33 Sub-bill!


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