NDASA Calls for "Safety Carve-Out" to Protect Transportation from Marijuana Impairment

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Marijuana as Schedule III Will Have Serious Consequences

 Dear NDASA Member,

As you know, the rescheduling of marijuana is up for consideration by our nation’s leaders.

NDASA is preparing public comment, but we feel it is absolutely imperative that we all make our voices heard in the halls of Congress.  

The rescheduling interim rule raises domestic and international legal and policy issues as it would create a serious inconsistency and have an impact on the drug testing of safety-sensitive transportation industry employees and
Federal employees in Testing Designated Positions who are responsible for National Security and public safety.   

Without a safety carve-out, safety-sensitive employees would be permitted to operate under the influence of marijuana, as long as they have a valid, legal prescription (allowable with Schedule III) and their employers would not be aware they are actively using marijuana. In fact, Schedule III could ultimately see THC removed from the Federal drug test panel altogether. 

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