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Tell Your Senators to Support Hardwoods in the Farm Bill!

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Contact Your Senators Today, Fight for Hardwoods in the Farm Bill!

Send a letter today and fight for one of the Hardwood Federation’s primary goals for the 2023 Farm Bill, which is to establish a competitive grant program to support consumer education about the sustainability, low carbon footprint, domestic production and rural economic impacts of U.S. made hardwood products.

The first step in realizing this goal is to successfully request that members of the Senate Agriculture Committee recommend that the program be included in draft Farm Bill reauthorization language. Please review and send the letter included here and help us with this first step by reaching out to your senators. Ask them to add the Hardwood Products Access and Development Program to the list of potential programs for inclusion in the 2023 Farm Bill negotiations.

Feel free to personalize your letter as appropriate! Time is of the essence as Committee members have been asked to submit their recommendations no later than Friday, March 31.


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