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Stop the Legislature From Forcing You to Accept Pets

Ask your Assemblymember to Vote NO on AB 2216!

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SCRHA needs your help to stop AB 2216 (Haney), which requires landlords to accept pets in their rentals without charging any additional refundable or non-refundable fee.  

The bill is sponsored by the Humane Society. They state in the bill analysis “According to Shelter Animals Count, the most trusted source of data for shelter animals, 900,000 pets have entered and lingered in shelters nationally since 2021, causing widespread overcrowding and capacity challenges.” It is unfair to make it the responsibility of
apartment owners to alleviate the overcrowding in animal shelters! 

Overcrowding in shelters is due to irresponsible pet owners! Forcing apartment owners to accept pets is not the answer to animal shelter overcrowding nor should they be forced to accept pets at their properties. Placing this burden on property owners is unfair.  

Last year Assemblymember Haney authored AB 12 which passed and was signed by the Governor. AB 12 prohibits tenants from having to pay more than one month's rent as a security deposit for furnished or unfurnished rental property. Now he wants to force apartment owners to accept pets without being able to collect any additional security deposit, pet rent, etc. Pets do a lot of damage. Limiting a property owner's ability to financially cover property damage or unpaid rent is an unfair imposition for rental housing providers. It also limits the ways in which a property owner may provide a clean and sanitary unit to a subsequent tenant following damage caused by a former tenant and their pets.  

And what about residents who wish to live in a non-pet property due to allergy, illness, trauma, noise sensitivity, and more! Many Californians will be denied the opportunity to live in a pet-free environment. 

The Southern California Rental Housing Association is opposed to AB 2216 and needs your help to stop this awful proposal! 


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