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Urge your representatives in Harrisburg to ensure all kids can read!

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Tell your legislators to support the Literacy Achievement for All Pennsylvanians bill, which will improve early literacy opportunities and outcomes for all Pennsylvania students.

Research is clear that being able to read proficiently by fourth grade is a critical milestone for students' future success, with lifelong effects on academic outcomes, income, and life satisfaction. Being able to read is essential for individual and community empowerment and liberation.

But according to the Nation's Report Card, only 34% of Pennsylvania 4th graders were proficient in reading in 2022--the lowest percentage in over 20 years. These rates are even lower for students of color, economically disadvantaged students, and students with disabilities.

The Literacy Achievement for All Pennsylvanians bills (HB 998 and SB 801) would ensure all our schools use practices and instructional materials aligned with the science of reading. Similar policies have contributed to the "Mississippi Miracle," where Mississippi has become the fastest-improving state in the country in reading over the past decade.

You can help! Both bills have bipartisan support, but more lawmakers need to hear from their constituents to move the bills forward. Take 90 seconds to email your representatives in Harrisburg.

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