Fair Access for Western Montgomery County

Support Development Plans for New Western MoCo Community Center

As supporters of the Fair Access Committee, you have been vital to the success we
have had in securing funding to rebuild our outdated high school. We have
been pushing as well for a new community center that includes clinic space so
WUMCO, our local charitable services organization, can build on its recent work
in providing needed medical services to needy residents of our area. 

We were successful last year in convincing County Executive Marc Elrich to include
funding to develop plans for a new community center and the Council approved
the funding. The plans for the center are nearly complete and will be
released soon. Preliminary information suggests that it will include both
the clinic space and gymnasium space, room for exercise equipment, space for
mentoring, art and seniors programs, and areas to allow teens to have a
"safe space" after school to connect with each other in a relaxing

The final touches are being put on the two-year capital spending plan for the County by
the County Executive's staff and departments. We need to send him and his staff
a friendly reminder that funding to build the new community center should be
included in the capital spending plan his office will send to the County
Council on January 15th. Below is a short message you can send to make
sure he knows our community supports this important project. 


    Dear Office Holder (names will be automatically added on each email),


    [Your name here]