HISA/HIWU destroying livelihoods, lives

Tell Congress to support RHSA to repeal, replace HISA

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Tell Congress HISA/HIWU's destruction of lives is NOT OK

Take only 30 seconds to use this advocacy tool to send your U.S. Representative a message that it is NOT OK for HISA and HIWU to destroy the livelihoods and lives of law-abiding horsemen and horsewomen. Just fill in your name, address, email and phone number and hit "send message" and a prepared message will go to your member of Congress.

National HBPA CEO Eric Hamelback has preached for eight years about the dangerous consequences of passing federal legislation such as HISA, and those consequences are being painfully played out now. Not only is HISA with its exorbitant costs ($80 million budget for 2024) and duplicative bureaucracy not making horses safer, its ill-conceived rules are having devastating consequences for horsemen and women ensnared in its "gotcha" web. If you haven't already, read this Thoroughbred Daily News article about John and Diana Pimental and then ask yourself "How is this OK?"

We are 16 months into HISA, and it's getting worse. Tell your U.S. Representative to support the Racehorse Health and Safety Act (RHSA) to repeal and replace HISA. RHSA was created from the bottom up in conjunction with horsemen, equine veterinarians who take science into account. It uses existing state structures, producing regulations that are created and approved in an open environment, not in secrecy.

Innocent parties should not pay the price for fatally flawed legislation that enabled a fatally flawed private organization and its ham-handed implementation.


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