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    What’s Needed? HB 563 has made it through the Committee process and is now having a hard time gaining enough support to pass the full vote on the House* floor. Contact the Ohio House Representatives ( and urge a YES VOTE on HB 563! The Problem: • Local governments in Ohio and across the country have placed burdensome regulations or even outright bans on the use of short-term rental properties. • Some communities have moratoriums on short-term rentals, and restrictions limit the duration of short-term rentals and some require advance notice, and a list of guests to the city. • The current patchwork of local regulations across the state hinders the ability of property investors to offer additional housing options. The State of Ohio needs a uniform policy regarding the use of short-term rental properties. • These types of restrictions present violations to Ohioans basic property rights—to support themselves and their family, including through short-term rentals. • Short-term rentals offer opportunities to help families make ends meet by renting out spare rooms, and offering lodging options where alternatives aren’t available. Property owners are incentivized to keep up with maintenance of the property in order to provide a quality service, while also generating supplemental income. • Ohio is in a housing crisis, and short-term rentals offer a modern, and accessible option to assist in solving this crisis. • Short-term rentals also offer those traveling for work stable, more personalized alternatives to hotels or other types of extended-stay housing options. • Particularly in Ohio, a majority of the renters utilizing short-term rentals are traveling for work purposes, or are currently misplaced due to unforeseen circumstances. • Restrictions on short-term rentals are also harmful to Ohio’s economy and tourism industry. • Short-term rentals help drive traffic to countless small businesses – restaurants, shops and tourist attractions – across the state. Proposed solution: HB 563 would prohibit local governments from placing excessive restrictions or outright bans on short-term rentals, thus ensuring that every private property owner in Ohio retains their right to use their property to support themselves and their family. Specifically, HB 563 seeks to eliminate adoption and enforcement of any regulation, restriction, or other resolution or ordinance that does either of the following: (1) Prohibits short-term rental properties; (2) Regulates the number, duration, or frequency of rental periods for short-term rental properties. HB 563 does not prohibit local municipalities to regulate short-term rentals, it only ensures that short-term rentals be subjected to the same regulations as long-term rentals and that those regulations address public safety or nuisance issues. Passing HB 563 would retain Ohioans constitutional right to rent out their property in a lawful manner. We need you to make your voices heard! Contact your representative and ask for their support on HB 563. After you send the pre-written email above, take another minute to CALL your Representative ( and urge a YES VOTE on HB 563! *A previously released email and call to action stated it was in the Senate in error